Catamaran Half Day Tour

Please take a look at the schedule of the catamaran half day tours.


From the restaurant we will take a slow sail directly over to the snorkeling reef where one hour will be given in the ocean to swim amongst the fish and the coral.
Upon return on the boat we will set sail for the natural pool where guests can swim , walk to the deserted shore ,have a drink in the ocean or just have a relax onboard and soak up the sun. For the return journey back to the restaurant the crew will give their own brand of typical Dominican entertainment.A simple tour that will cater for all your clients needs.Perfect for children of all ages.We will also have on board boogie board s and noodles as extra safety and flotation devices.


This will be the same programme as above and simply for the people who want to get away from it all .We will do the same programme as above with snorkeling but the aim will be towards more adults only.At the natural pool crew members will serve sparkling wine on trays to the guests and simple canapes will be served ..Music will be along the lines of ‘Cafe del Mar’, but depending on the mood of the guests this can always change!

An upmarket product for an up market resort. We want to be able to offer your guests that little something extra.