Tropical Storm

The Tropical Storm was built in Juan Dolio and she arrived in Bavaro in August, 2003.

Tropical Storm is a 42 foot catamaran, and is licenced to carry 50 passengers. For quality purposes I will have no more than 40 passengers per tour. Seating areas surround the boat and with webbing covering the front deck she makes for a very comfortable sail.Situated below are two bathrooms with flushing sistems and freswater hand basins.

She has mostly been used in private charters but is now ready to face the public.

As for myself many of you already know me through the last few years as the name behind the very successful partyrafts Kontiki and Calypso. Now I will do all I possibly can to transfer that success to the Tropical Storm.

Originally I came to this island in 1995 as a Thomson Representative and have worked as a rep in Spain and the Carribean islands for the last 15 years. My standards are very high and I have put all of my working knowledge of health and safety to be as high as the ones required by the Federation of Tour Operators.We would gladly welcome aboard anyone to do the checks required. I also understand the guest expectations, but most of all I understand the job of a representative and you will find we are a very rep friendly company.

We will always be willing to listen to queeries ,questions and will cater for any special request,birthdays,weddings etc. Most of all we always would like constructive critisism so we can always improve the product. So basically

“Your comments will count!”